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My Philosophy

Since 1987, I have reached thousands of patients throughout the Willow Grove and suburban Philadelphia area. ‘When your feet hurt, your whole body hurts’ as the saying goes. Healthy feet provide comfort and a more enjoyable lifestyle. Each day we take an average of 7000 steps ….an average of three times around the Earth during a lifetime.
I welcome you to our office and look forward to providing you with the finest foot and ankle care. Appointments are preferred and we make every effort to honor time commitments. Every emergency evaluated in a timely manner with the latest modern equipment.
Diabetic as well as peripheral vascular compromised foot care and accommodate devices is our specialty. Accommodative devices – molded shoes, orthopedic arch supports, insoles, etc. – are readily available to our patients. In – office evaluation and manufacture of orthotics and prosthetics are fashioned quickly. I personally handles any adjustments of these devices.
I specialize in gentle and comfortable general non – surgical as well as correction of all foot problems. Infections minimized, through a state of the art sterilization of the instruments. We enjoy helping you…knowing that we have helped you live a fuller, richer life free of pain.
I offer my services at competitive rates and personalize the treatment to meet each individual’s needs. Our business built upon long – term client relationships and mutual trust. Please let me know how I can help. We’ll keep you stepping all the way.

Martin S. Hersh Podiatrist

The Regency Towers
1003 Easton Road, Suite 106C
Willow Grove, Pa 19090
E-mail: hershpodiatry@gmail.com
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